The missing color picker for Mac

ColorSnapper is an easy-to-use tool for quickly finding out the color of any pixel on the screen. It is activated via a system-wide hotkey, giving you a magnifying loupe to easily pick the pixel you need. The resulting color is copied to clipboard in a format of your preference.

  1. Point & Pick

    Point & Pick
  2. Paste & Use

    Paste & Use
  3. Select & Reuse

    Select & Reuse

Under your fingertips

Under your fingertips

ColorSnapper is always here when you want it to be. No matter which application you are using, just press the chosen combination of the keys and it’s here!

And for the precision sake, use arrows keys to position the cursor. Then use Space or Enter to pick a color.

In the format you want

In the format you want

Define up to 2 different formats and keep the ⌥ key pressed to pick a color in an alternative format.

Pixel perfect...

With ColorSnapper you can really see what’s on your screen. With magnification from 2× till 11× you will see every aspect of your design.

Really, just try it out by dragging the slider!

Watch why ColorSnapper is different.

ColorSnapper is available on the Mac App Store for just $4.99.
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